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National Call Centre

We have technical support & backup nationwide.

All calls are logged at our national Call Centre

TEL: 011 763 2126

FAX: 011 763 3790

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GCC Technical Solutions - Reliable Managed Print Solutions

Corporate companies have been forced to redirect their resources towards core business activities to remain competitive. Document production is an area that requires consistent attention to contain
unnecessary expense and maximize efficiency, while also being a significant percentage of total company’s expenditure.

CPP Maintenance - Is a product that allows the company to achieve these objectives by reducing cost and increasing user productivity. This is achieved through a cost per page charge that include consumables, repairs and management


  • Predictable cost per page. No Minimum billing.
  • No surprises. All consumables, parts, scanners, boards and labour – no physical exclusions.
  • Pay as you go maintenance directly related to volumes.
  • Quarterly or volume related preventative maintenance.
  • Guaranteed turnaround times designed to suit
  • your environment with optional on site technicians.
  • Loan equipment available.
  • Monthly management data that empowers
  • you to manage your investment effectively.
  • Asset registers are updated monthly.
  • One monthly invoice.


  • Optimized investment: assets are analyzed monthly for under and over utilization.
  • Trends are recognized and adjustments made based on quantity and quality information.
  • No hidden costs: such as frustrated users, consumable stock holding and shrinkage, administration and procurement costs.
  • User awareness: department and individual usage will be monitored with the opportunity of swift management action.
  • epartment budgets are monitored and users become conscious of their effect on document print costs.
  • Reduced volumes: and expense.
    Monthly reporting: and guidance allows for informed decision making and proper asset management.
  • Flexibility: our contract allows the customer to control their environment.


Pricing is set according to the:

  • Volumes per month
  • Service level expectation
  • Equipment covered
  • Management information requested


Our experience has shown that proper output management will reduce company volumes by a minimum of 20%.
This related to a significant reduction if we consider that world studies indicate that document costs amount to 4% of company revenue.


Billing: monthly volumes are recorded and billed at the end of the month.Consumable stock: these are kept at the customer premises at our expense, ensuring availability.
Service level agreement: designed around the customer needs and can be from 2 hours to next business day.
Monthly reporting: this is done in our usual informative format.


Pricing is set according to the:
• Volumes per month
• Service level expectation
• Equipment covered
• Management information requested

Sunday, 01 April 2012 15:33

Clients List

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  • UNDP,
  • Baragwaneth PHRU division,
  • JC Barnard,
  • Hydro power,
  • South African Reserve Bank,
  • Boston City Campus,
  • Actom,
  • SAAB,
  • Colgate,
  • Cobra,
  • Navistar,
Sunday, 01 April 2012 15:18

Strategic Partners

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About Us

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GCC TECH offers amazing printing solutions to its customers. We are the level one Black Economic empowered company and offer exclusive PABX and print solutions with the aim of reducing print costs along with increasing productivity implementing output strategies. We offer reliable and managed print solutions and printer repairs by our technical experts.  


We have a qualified team of technical professionals that is responsible to provide high standard printer, photocopier, fax and PBX services and repairs in the industry. We make quality printing equipments available to you at the minimum cost and send our on-site technicians whenever you are stuck by any issue in the middle of your work. Our technicians will attempt priority repair onsite during any printer malfunction event with ensuring that down time is kept to an absolute minimum.

copyright logo  OUR RANGE OF SERVICES

  • Time and Materials, on-site or carry in
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Permanent on site technicians
  • Cost per copy consumables and maintenance
  • Workmanship is guaranteed for 3 months
  • Collection & Delivery free of charge within designated areas

Though, our customers also get immense benefits while dealing with us for computer, printer, fax, notebook and laptop repairs Johannesburg. It gives them enjoy an optimized investment. Monthly analysis of the assets is done for under and over utilization. Our experts recognize trends and adjustments on the basis of quality and quantity information and then suggest what would be the best product for your requirements. We do not charge any hidden cost from our customers. In fact, we increase the user awareness to department and individual usage of the products. Our products and services facilitate you to reduce company volumes by a maximum of 20%. Hence, you can expect savings up to 4% of the company revenue. We follow monthly billing methodology as per professionally designed Service Level Agreement. Undoubtedly, pricing is affordable especially due to the durability features of our products.

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